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This warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of shipment from us to the purchaser. This warranty does not cover damage to or deterioration of the REM-Dreamer components resulting from accident, misuse, neglect, unauthorized repair or failure to follow instructions in the manual. This warranty does not cover units that have been modified or altered.

When returning a device for repair, the owner pays shipping costs to us, and we pay shipping costs from us to the owner.

Flashing lights can induce seizures in photo-sensitive epileptics, and although no seizures have been induced by the REM-Dreamer, epileptics or those with a family history of epilepsy should not use the REM-Dreamer.


electronic board

The REM-Dreamer consists of circuit board tucked inside the mask. The REM-Dreamer board includes LCD display. There are two lines in the LCD. Upper line shows menu entry (for instance: 1. Delay time), lower line shows value of parameter of the menu entry (for instance: 00:10:00 of the delay time).
There are 13 menu entries on LCD display:
1. Delay time.
2. Preset.
3. Flash brightness.
4. Sound volume.
5. Cue length.
6. Cue frequency.
7. Length of series of cues.
8. DreamAlarm.
9. TWC.
10. REM detector test.
11. Generated series of cues.
12. REM detector sensitivity.
13. Turn off the REM-Dreamer.

More about using the REM-Dreamer can be found in the manual included with the device.