May 2013 - we released REM-Dreamer Pro. REM-Dreamer Pro is a new version of REM-Dreamer which can record and play voice messages. Production of REM-Speaker has been discontinued, becouse REM-Dreamer Pro replaces features of REM-Dreamer connected to REM-Speaker.


February 2010 - we released LCD display and REM-Speaker. Production of REM-Dreamer Computer Interface was discontinued, becouse LCD display and REM-Speaker replace both features of computer interface. Thanks to LCD display user can adjust all settings very easily, like on his PC. Thanks to REM-Speaker user can record audio cues and hear them in REM state.


May 2009 - we released REM-Dreamer Pro Computer Interface, which allows the user to adjust all settings very easily on his PC by our PC software. Thanks to our interface REM-Dreamer can also play audio files from PC containing words e.g. “you are dreaming”, when REM state is detected. This type of cues is much more effective than flashing lights and beeps.


March 2008 - we changed the kind of switches used in the REM-Dreamer. The new version of the REM-Dreamer uses two rotary switches instead of one DIP switch. Working with the new REM-Dreamer is now much easier.


April 2007 - A new method of inducing and stabilizing lucid dreams has been utilized in the REM-Dreamer. We call it TWC (Two-Way-Communication). TWC uses two-way communication between the sleeping person and the REM-Dreamer. Researchers have known for years that a sleeping person moves their physical eyes in exactly the same direction as they do in their dream. This fact has been utilized in the creation of the TWC feature in the new REM-Dreamer. TWC allows for communication between the person sleeping and the REM-Dreamer during dreaming. When the TWC feature is turned on the REM-Dreamer generates a series of cues with increasing levels of intensity in each REM state. When cues of a certain level of intensity finally reach the dreaming mind and help trigger a lucid dream the sleeping person gives a signal to the device by moving their eyes in their dream. This signal is recognized by the REM-Dreamer and it stops generating cues. The REM-Dreamer is the first lucid dream induction device in the world, which uses this technology.


July 2004 - REM-Dreamer was created and we started selling it.