REM-Dreamer Pro

REM-Dreamer Pro is a new version of REM-Dreamer which can record and play voice messages. The only cues in the REM-Dreamer are flashing lights and beeps. In addition, REM-Dreamer Pro can also play voice cues with recorded message, for instance: "You are dreaming". This type of cues is much more effective than just flashing lights and beeps. REM-Dreamer Pro plays voice cues after generating flashes and beeps in the REM state.


pro electronic board


REM-Dreamer Pro has its own small speaker which is located on the board. REM-Dreamer Pro can also be connected to an external speaker for louder volume of audio, to a set of headphones or to our special flat headphone designed for sleep (which can be placed close to your ear). Thanks to that, you will hear voice message without waking your partner.


mask with a speaker


REM-Dreamer Pro comes with the user's manual (36 small pages).
REM-Dreamer Pro price is 170 Euro (around 195 USD, includes free shipping).